Dear Brothers and Sisters:                                        CHRISTMAS

With God’s blessing, we are approaching the happiest feast of the Church, the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming feast, we should fast, pray, and come to Church for Holy Confession and Holy Communion so that we may worthily welcome the day of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

             The festivities of Bozic will start on Christmas Eve, January 6th at 7:00pm with Vesper Service and procession around the Church and the burning of Badnjak. Following the Vesper Service, Children will receive presents and the Badnjak will be blessed and ready for you to take home. Also, a traditional lenten dinner will be served at our church hall. Our children will have their Christmas play “The Manger” for your enjoyment at our church hall as well. Please join us and encourage your children to participate.

On January 7, the Nativity-Divine Liturgy will be served at 10:00am. Confession will begin at 9:00am. Following the Divine Liturgy, there will be a luncheon for all who would like to stay and share the joy of Bozic. Each one of us should do our very best to take the day off from work and come to church with children and family as we welcome the birth of Christ, our Lord, on that day.  Jan. 8th Liturgy will be at 10am and Jan. 9th St Stephen Liturgy at 8am.

Our Church New Year Celebration will be January 11 at 7 pm with live music and great food.  On Epiphany, January 19 the Divine Liturgy with the great blessing of water will start at 10:00am. St. John the Baptist day Service will be on January 20th at 8:00am. Saint Sava Church Slava on Jan. 26h at 10am. with lunch and Slava Celebration!

It is a tradition among our faithful people to make a special contribution to the Church for Christmas, so called “Bozicni darak” or Christmas gift. Let us be generous to God’s Church. We invite you also to join our Church Stewardship program. By helping our Church, we help ourselves and our children learn our faith and allow our church to continue it’s mission. Thank you!  We hope to see you in good health and good spirit during the Christmas holidays. Welcome!

Roasted Piglet for Christmas, the price is $15.00 per lb. Whole piglet $400 or half $275. Please call at 281-256-1335.